Dog Door Stopper - 5 x 6 Inches

Pavilion Gift Company

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This door stopper is designed with attention to detail and it is boldly designed with the lettering, "A  HOUSE IS NOT A HOME WITHOUT A DOG". It keeps doors opened even in breezy weather and it prevents them from closing or slamming. It also complements any indoor decoration, especially when used in a rustic decoration in the home. With this in your home, visitors will feel welcomed and get to know how you love and cherish dogs. Use this effortlessly whenever a door in the home needs to stay open. 
  • Size is 5 x 6 Inches
  • Weighs approximately 2 pounds making it an effective door stopper
  • Made of 5% linen and 95% polyester with the ease of cleaning any stain
  • Rope handle made of jute is attached for easy lifting