Dog Exercise Pen Ideal for Any Dog Breed

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Sometimes your dog needs to be confined and be kept in its own space. The exercise pen is great if you want to keep your pet safe and contained, but with room to move. Each exercise pen is comprised of eight hinged panels, each 24" wide, making the panel 16 linear feet. It is finished off with a durable black e-coat finish. The dog pe provides long-lasting protection and features a Secure Double Latch Door. Can Be Used For a Variety of Pets. It folds flat for convenient storage and can be easily set up (no tools are required). You can place this around a Christmas tree, indoor decoration or anything that you wouldn't want your dogs to mess with. Please see size chart in images before placing your order.
  • Package includes ground anchors to keep the pen sturdy and firm when fixed in the ground outdoor
  • Made with durable strong materials that will ensure it lasts longer
  • Easily foldable and packed when going on a vacation with your dog
  • Various heights (24 - 48 Inches high) for different dog sizes and weight (check the size chart in images to know the right height to order per your dog's weight)