Enamel Corgi Pendant and Necklace


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Every dog lover who loves pendant necklaces definitely wants that favorite piece that they can use anywhere. This is exactly that type of necklace. It is crafted with poping enamel design that makes this corgi dog necklace noticeable wherever you go.

Coated with rhodium which prevents corrosion and makes the pendant necklace last longer. The rhodium and other materials used make it safe to wear and it is not harsh on the skin. So if you have sensitive skin but still love to wear this necklace you are good to go.

If you have any form of allergy to metals, the rhodium plating helps alleviate all forms of allergy so you are not at risk.

  • Doesn't pose any risk to your skin, safe to wear
  • Weight is 17g; it's not heavy and won't put a strain on your neck
  • Charm size approx 1.77" wide by 1.65" tall
  • Charm size approx 2.4" wide by 1.2" tall