LED Glow In The Dark Dog Leash


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It's no fun when you can't walk your dog in the wonderful streets of your neighborhood at night. With this Glow Leash, you can now safely walk your lovely pooch when darkness creeps into the sky. It's illuminated from end to end to alert anyone or a speeding car to slow down. The LED Glow in The Dark Pet Dog Leash is the perfect leash for walking your dog at night. Using 3 AAA batteries the 5 ft water-resistant fiber optic leash comes in 3 colors and has 2 modes - blinking and steady. Conducive for dog owners that vacation and hike with their dogs. Great gift for any dog owner that has an active dog.
  • Walk your dog at night without any risk of being knocked down by a car
  • Batteries work long enough to keep the leash glowing brightly
  • The Leash is long enough to make your dog feel comfortable without feeling restricted to move