Paw Inspired Female Disposable Dog Diapers 32ct

Paw Inspired

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These super absorbent and leak-proof dog diapers come with an advanced technology that instantly converts urine into a gel. It's disposable which makes it environmentally friendly. The breathable bottom layer, gathered edges and fur resistant fasteners create a comfortable and secure fit. Conducive for your dog when you're going on a road trip and can't stop frequently for your dog to do its business outside the car. See our size chart in the images for proper fit.
  • Each pack includes 32 diapers
  • It doesn't cause irritation even to the most sensitive dog skins
  • The fur resistant fasteners ensure that the diapers fit tightly on your dog providing maximum comfort your dog needs
  • Different sizes ensure that the diaper your dog use is its ideal size to prevent leakage
  • Best fit to prevent licking by your female dog that is on heat