Portable Dog Paw Cleaner and Washer

Doggie Dipper

$24.99 $29.99

The Portable Dog Paw Cleaner and Washer cleans the paw with gentle silicone bristles and the second layer of sponge dries the paws by soaking the excess water. Great for home use or it can be used just before your dog gets in the car from playing outside to ensure your car's upholstery stays clean. No matter the size of your dog, this cleaner can get the job done perfectly. Easy and simple to use by placing your pet's paw into the cleaner, swish the water around or spin the container to engage the bristles, and then remove the paw.
  • It cleans and dries dog's paw faster than the next best alternative
  • Convenient for all dog breeds and sizes
  • Portable enough to be used anywhere