Stainless Steel Dog Bowl No Spill Silicone Mat


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The stainless steel dog bowl has a non-skid silicone mat with 2 bowls included that are 7 inches wide and will hold 38 fluid ounces each. The silicone mat is designed to keep the bowls sturdy without moving while your dog eats or drinks. Two bowls can be fixed in the silicone mat at a time with one to serve the dog food and the other to provide your furry friend with water. The bowls are fixed into a non-skid silicone mat that is 20" x 11" to keep your floors clean.

  • The package comes with two bowls and a silicone mat
  • Bowl is made with stainless steel which doesn't expose dogs to any health risks
  • Size is 38oz; sizeable enough to feed big dogs
  • Silicone mat that houses the bowls makes after-eating cleaning easier
  • The two bowls make it possible to feed two dogs at the same time